"With the help of exceptional people such as Vic Sorlie and the fine folks at AMSOIL, we have been able to compete on the level it takes to be successful."

Joe Scarlata - Team Scarlata Motorsports

"Our engine builder asked what oil brand we were using," says Hann. "He felt the oil did a fantastic job keeping the motor from being destroyed. We rate AMSOIL as a big thumbs up."

Tim Hann Jr. - The Hann Racing Team

"AMSOIL has helped keep our team up front for two seasons." A 605cc 1982 two-cycle snowmobile engine powers the TQ Midget. AMSOIL goes in the tank, in the transmission and in the rear end. "We use Series 2000 Gear Lube to keep the quick change gears lubricated and clean." Pro Formula metal polish is used to keep the car shiny. Malik Racing is a "shiny" example of how a family that races together, stays together."

Malik Racing

"From all of us at Wolfe Motorsports, we would like to thank you for making such a great product that withstood even the hottest of hot days out here in the desert of Las Vegas and saving us thousands of dollars in motor rebuilds.

Thanks again for the great product!"

Jason Allen - Wolfe Motorsports

"AMSOIL products are boosting the bottom line for Tom and Kay Garrett, owners of Kwik Kar Lube and Wash of Grapevine, Texas.

Tom has had good success with both diesel 15W-40 and the XL-7500 oils, saying that they offer the best value for busy customers. "The XL-7500 oils are the most cost-effective that we offer, with XLF 5W-30 the largest seller. For those customers who want the best for their cars, we also offer the SDF oil filters," says Tom.

Tom and Kay also have AMSOIL ATF available for hard-working, hot transmissions. "Texas heat puts a lot of stress on our customers' cars, and the auto manufacturers are specifying higher quality transmission fluids. Having the best products available enables us to protect our customers' cars, and is also keeping my business ahead of the pack in a competitive industry," Tom says.

Recently, Tom and Direct Jobber Vic Sorlie simplified the store's gear lube inventory by converting to AMSOIL's AGR 75W-90 and TGO 75W-140 exclusively. "We used to have 5 or 6 pails of gear lube, plus product in our bulk gear lube tank, says Tom. It often created problems for my employees to locate and dispense the correct product. Our new method of having the 75W-90 in bulk handles most of our needs, with the 75W-140 on hand for heavy duty applications. It has simplified our operation and we haven't had any customer complaints about price of gear lube service."

Tom displays AMSOIL products such as motorcycle oil, filters and two cycle oil in his customer waiting area. "Many of my customers have motorcycles, jet skis or boats," says Tom. While they're waiting for their car to be serviced they can look at some of the other products they frequently use. The chrome motorcycle oil filters and 20W-50 motorcycle oil attract a lot of attention, and frequently end up as an added sale on the ticket."

Tom looks forward to offering more AMSOIL products to his customers. "At Vic's suggestion I just finished a year's use of 0W-30 in my personal car. Vic used oil analysis several times through the year to show me how the oil held up, saving me time and expense. We're definitely considering offering the extended drain oils to our customers."

Tom and Kay Garrett - Kwik Kar Lube and Wash