Ways to Purchase

AMSOIL offers you several ways to purchase its full line of products:

Retail Customer

Anyone can buy products from AMSOIL. You can either purchase online or you can call and place phone orders......More Info

Preferred Customer

Many "discount" stores charge $35 and up per year for membership and only allow you to buy items in bulk. For $20 a year ($10 for a one time 6-month trial membership) AMSOIL Preferred Customers can purchase product at wholesale cost.......More Info


Would you like to lower the cost of your purchases further by receiving commission checks?.....More Info

Retail On-The-Shelf

The AMSOIL Retail On-The-Shelf Account program is designed for businesses that operate out of a storefront with regular hours for public access. Examples would include Auto Parts Stores, Hardware Stores, Auto Repair/Quick Lubes.....More Info

Commercial Account

All commercial or industrial business need lubricants to maintain equipment and vehicles. Companies with fleets of vehicles and industrial equipment are prime candidates for a Commercial Account......More Info