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Would you like to increase your profits? An AMSOIL Retail On-The-Shelf Account enables you to resell AMSOIL Synthetics to your current and future customers. There is no charge to open a Retail Account and there is no minimum purchase required.

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Are you aware of these FOUR IMPORTANT TRENDS that are impacting the passenger car market?

The Trend Toward Performance
Drastic changes in engine design, with their smaller hotter engine compartments, tighter tolerances and emission standards have placed higher demands on lubricants. Additionally, manufacturers are seeking cleaner engines, improved fuel economy and better wear protection.

The Trend Toward Extended Drain Intervals
Extending oil drain intervals is an important objective of the world's leading automakers, with increasingly stringent oil performance specs.

The Trend Toward Synthetic Motor Oils
The modern quest for "more, better, faster" has made an impact on every industry. As a result high technology synthetic motor oils like AMSOIL are finding increasing acceptance in every type of industry.

The Continuing Environmental Trend Government regulations and consumer awareness are continuing to drive the push for environmental improvements in your industry.

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